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About the Artist: Nicole I. Hamilton

  • Self Taught Artist and Photographer
  • Degrees in both Commercial and Multimedia Graphic Design

Read about the artist's background in . . .

Art and Photography | Photo Editing | Providing Great Customer Service

Art and Photography

Nicole I. Hamilton first discovered she could draw at the age of 14. She had always enjoyed art, but never really thought she had any particular gift for it. "I remember sitting in one of my middle school classes, bored silly. We had finished work for the day, and were waiting the extra 10 or 15 minutes for the bell to ring and signal our escape. I remember distinctly looking across the isle and seeing someone's Trapper Keeper laying on the desk next to mine. It had the Tasmanian Devil in 3 different poses dancing across it. I am not sure what prompted me to pick up my pencil, unearth a sheet of paper, and start drawing Taz. However, in that few minutes I discovered a talent I didn't even know I had. I looked at the paper when I was done, amazed to see Taz looking back at me. When I took the paper home to show my mother, she said, "Who drew that?" She was just as surprised as me! For some reason, it just came easily for me to draw what I could see. I really haven't stopped drawing since that day."


In the beginning she would draw mainly cartoons and Disney characters, copying Snoopy and Garfield out of the Sunday comics. She also sketched a few animals, but Nicole stayed away from people because she felt it was just too daunting. However, something happened that changed her attitude. "We were visiting family, and my Mom was telling my older brother how I could draw any picture I could see. He said, "Okay, draw me this", and took out his wallet and handed me his ID. "I can do anything but people," I said. This was a very small conversation, but it changed my thinking. I considered it a challenge now, and set a goal of learning to draw people."


Nicole's first attempts at people still looked a lot like cartoons. She was always a perfectionist, and so she kept at it, and gradually discovered how to draw figures manipulate graphite for a realistic effect. One of the first steps she took was to quit working with just a mechanical pencil. She bought some artist quality graphite pencils of varying hardness. Then she mastered shading and proportions, and started to develop her own unique style. Like many artists, Nicole's first drawings of people were based on pictures of celebrities. She then progressed to portraits of family and friends.


After developing quite a portfolio of works, she launched her web site to offer her portrait services to others.


"I enjoy working with photos to create pencil portraits because it captures the essence of a person in a single instant, be it joy, sadness, surprise, or even flirtation. (I still enjoy drawing my favorite celebrities for fun!) To me the eyes are one of the most important features of the face. As the old saying goes, "the eyes are the window of the soul", and they alone can speak volumes about the emotion of a subject."

Nicole Hamilton has continued to expand her artistic talents by creating original works of art. Her art covers a variety of subjects and is created using graphite, charcoal, carbon, and pastel chalk pencils. All her original art incorporates the same realism that is seen her pencil portraits. Photography is another medium she enjoys, and she uses it to capture the beauty of nature and simple things. She continues to build her art and photography portfolio, so please visit again to see new works.
Photo Editing

Nicole always had an interest in both art and computers, so it was a natural progression for her to study Graphic Design in college and use both. She has the ability to manipulate, enhance, and correct photos. Her specialty is photo restoration of faded or damaged photos, and colorization of black and white photos. She can also turn your photo into a unique digital work of art using many different special effects. Nicole can also change backgrounds and seamlessly add or remove people and objects from photos.

"I offer editing services such as photo restoration and colorization services to others, because I know how much use they have been to my family and friends. I especially enjoy repairing and restoring photographs. These precious pictures cannot be replaced. Please do not think your damaged photos are a lost cause! Even the most severe damage can often be corrected. A restored or colorized photo also makes a lasting impression as a gift."

Providing Great Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of any business, and Nicole prides herself on providing unmatched service and making sure each customer is satisfied.


"I always endeavor to make sure every job turns out as perfect as possible, and that my customers are satisfied and happy with the results. I will work with you on your special requests, and do everything to make your order with go smoothly."


Nicole learned about customer service first hand working in retail for over 5 years. Part of that time was spent as a manager, and she dealt with customer problems and concerns on a daily basis. Also, because she was working as a florist, many customers had specific needs or visions. This involved working one on one with them and maintaining an open line of communication to ascertain and provide everything they needed. Nicole now uses these skills to provide excellent service to all her customers.


"Before launching my own business, I spent some time selling on EBay in order to learn about dealing with customers online. I am happy to say I had many successful transactions, including some pencil portraits, and never received any negative feedback. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve you. Thank you in advance for your business!"


Thank you for your interest and visiting


Nicole I. Hamilton
Artist/Graphic Designer



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